Barkley LTE: CMP continues to abuse small towns in the name of corporate greed

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Small towns like Caratunk shouldn’t have a say on what transmission projects CMP constructs within their borders, even if the project won’t benefit Mainers. That’s what CMP lobbyist Jim Mitchell told the Legislature’s Energy Committee last week.

As a resident of Caratunk, I am sick of CMP singling us out as a problem child when it comes to its for-profit corridor.

Caratunk is one of 25 towns along the route that voted in strong opposition to this destructive project. One hundred percent of the impacted towns along the corridor that have voted have strongly opposed this project because it would have long-lasting and devastating impacts on property values, wildlife and quality of life for the residents who would be forced to live at the foot of CMP’s monopolies.

For years now, CMP has abused small towns like mine in the name of corporate greed and profits, and the PUC paved the way for this to happen. If the Corridor is constructed, CMP stands to make $5 million per month off of a contract with Massachusetts, but in order for that cash to materialize, it must first bulldoze through the very heart of rural Maine.

If allowed to proceed, my small town and small towns up and down the route will never be the same. Maine is a state of small towns and communities. Don’t let CMP get away with treating us this way. Vote YES to reject the CMP Corridor this November.

Kathy Barkley


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