Berk LTE: Maine can’t keep waiting while CMP obstructs solar energy

Portland Press Herald

I am mad as heck at Central Maine Power’s decades of willful negligence and obstruction of clean, renewable energy in Maine and you should be, too, especially if you think we should do our part to address climate change.

Now Maine’s largest utility wants to break its contracts, admitting it neglected to provide for the 2,000 megawatts of solar power preparing to come online in Maine, while the company worked overtime on its New England Clean Energy Connect power line so it could rake in $2.9 billion helping Massachusetts import 1,200 MW of electricity from Quebec by cutting Maine in two. CMP’s power line would also send $12.4 billion to Canada, instead of keeping jobs and money closer to home.

I take CMP’s failures personally. My grandmother called me “Miss Solar Energy.” In the 1970s, I sold solar collectors in Belfast, wrote the Power Play newspaper column for three Maine weeklies and co-established Maine’s Energy Extension Service. In the 1980s I produced a big solar conference at College of the Atlantic, served as the first executive director of the Maine Solar Energy Association and joined the board of the New England Solar Energy Association. And, for 28 years since 1991, I helped the Natural Resources Council of Maine pass laws to bring Maine a clean-energy future. Yes, we power our home with solar too.

For four decades I have worked for energy efficiency and clean power for Maine and known how practical and badly needed it is too, while CMP has been working against it. They need to step aside. Maine cannot afford to wait.

Judy Berk

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  • Clifford Krolick
    commented 2021-02-21 09:45:41 -0500
    It is time for CMP to clean up their act, keep their promises, and fix their many problems. Sadly they will not and if they do they will raise our electric rates way off the charts. Their interests are clear: increase profits to their investors and stick it to Maine rate payers. Best Resolution is to purchase all of CMP assets at a very low interest Bond by forming a nonprofit consumer owned and operated utility. This will save Mainers and the state Billions of Dollars . Look at Texas now, CMP can try to screw Mainers to pay the extra billions in upgrades, They CANNOT do that if we take it over asap. Once we take it over we will rapidly move the state into the modernization of our grid, filling our grid with renewable solar and wind energy We will do this for Billions of dollars less then CMP could ever do it.
  • Sandra Howard
    published this page in News 2021-02-15 05:21:01 -0500