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I’m writing in response to Jim Cyr’s letter from April 15, “Get the facts about NECEC.” Like many fact checks these days, this one needs a fact check of its own.

The writer claims that the corridor will deliver “clean, low-cost energy to our state.” Gov. Janet Mills did negotiate for Mainers to receive some power from the project, but the NECEC is mainly a pass-through to consumers in Massachusetts.

“Maine is more dependent on petroleum” than other states, he claims. But the article his letter cites refers to our furnaces, cars and trucks. How exactly would the corridor change this picture?

I don’t believe another controversial dam up in Quebec is the way to green Maine’s energy portfolio. The corridor is touted as a clean energy investment, but it’s first and foremost a payday for Central Maine Power. In fact, CMP has been a frequent obstacle to the greening of Maine’s power, as the BDN has reported.

If Cyr really is interested in “a future of green energy” and major savings in our electric bills, he should look into the plans to have the ratepayers of Maine own and democratically control their power grid.

Rep. Seth Berry is introducing a bill to buy Maine’s electric grid from CMP and Versant. The purchase would be financed with low-interest bonds repaid by electricity sales — no tax money.

The new utility would serve us, not the profits of faraway owners or CMP’s board. This would save us all money and it would set us up to transition to greener energy solutions, which I believe neither CMP or Versant care about when they don’t stand to profit.

Ethan Bien


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