Bipartisan group of 32 legislators urge Attorney General Frey to Uphold Maine Constitution in public lands case

Press Release: Bipartisan group of 32 legislators urge Attorney General Frey to Uphold Maine Constitution in public lands case
AUGUSTA - Last week, a bipartisan group of legislators from all across the state joined Senator Rick Bennett and Senator Russell Black in sending a letter to Attorney General Aaron Frey to urge him "in the strongest of terms" to reconsider his appeal of Justice Murphy's decision in Black v Cutko, the public lands case regarding the CMP Corridor.
In the letter, the Senators and Representatives say, "There is a clear dispute between the executive and legislative branches over this matter. Article 9, Section 23 of the Maine Constitution was designed to provide definition and process for legislative oversight for the management of our public lands in order to protect the public interest. We are dismayed that you have chosen to argue the executive branch's position over that of the Legislature's in this dispute."
The letter continues, "They (BPL) have not safeguarded the public trust to protect and manage the public lands. This is particularly distressing to see the AG defend an executive branch agency that has failed to follow the AG's advice and the 130th Legislature's action on this important question given the important role of the legislature in protecting public lands."
The attached letter was sent to AG Frey on September 16 and was signed by:
Senator Rick Bennett
Senator Russell Black
Senator David Miramant
Senator Benjamin Chipman
Senator Chloe Maxmin
Senator Marianne Moore
Assistant Majority Leader Rachael Talbot Ross
Representative Nicole Grohoski
Representative William Pluecker
Representative Margaret O'Neil
Representative Laurie Osher
Representative Grayson Lookner
Representative Michael Sylvester
Representative Amy Roeder
Representative Sarah Pebworth
Representative Traci Gere
Representative Rebecca Millett
Representative David McCrea
Representative Jay McCreight
Representative Lori Gramlich
Representative Randall Hall
Representative Thomas Skolfied
Representative Jennifer Poirier
Representative Lydia Crafts
Representative Sophie Warren
Representative Kristi Mathieson
Representative Victoria Morales
Representative Denise Tepler
Representative Lynn Copeland
Representative Charlotte Warren
Representative Lydia Blume
Representative Scott Landry

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