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The CMP Corridor is not a political issue. It is an environmental one. It crosses numerous wet lands, rivers, vernal pools etc. My involvement started with this blatant disregard for the environment in Western Maine.
The last 53 miles of The Corridor does not go through working forest as CMP would like you to believe. It crosses the Appalachian Trail, disturbs some of the best Trout fishing east of the Mississippi and damages scenic views along the Canadian Scenic Highway as well as white water rafting in the region.
CMP/AVANGRID although they espouse numbers regarding jobs The Corridor would provide, it fails to reflect on the number of job losses. It will impact Maine’s biomass industry, tourism, renewable energy and forestry industries that provide hundreds of jobs. There is also the very real possibility that the CMP corridor will suppress the development of new, local, clean energy projects, like wind and solar. This is because the transmission line is a one-way “DC” line with the sole purpose of selling hydropower to Massachusetts from Canada.
CMP ads are trying to lead you to believe retroactive laws are new. The fact is they have been part of Maine’s Constitution since 1993. The politicians are not trying to grab power, the referendum has a section on retroactivity because the law was not followed. A vote of 2⁄3 of each House of the Legislature is required if said projects crosses public land and will significantly impact those lands. The Referendum has NOTHING to do with permits obtained legally as CMP would like you to believe.
Did you know Maine was Hydro-Quebec’s last choice for a transmission line? First choice was through New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee voted 7-0 to reject the application over concerns about how the project would impact development, local business, tourism and the environment. Vermont was also a consideration, however the transmission lines would have to go underground making the project too expensive. By June of 2018 an agreement had been reached between CMP and Hydro Quebec.
Follow the Money: PACs Clean Energy Matters, Hydro-Quebec Maine and Maine For Fair Laws has raised $55.18 Million. No CMP Corridor [and Mainers for Local Power] PACs has raised $16.64 Million. Their PACs consist of three companies from Maine located in Cumberland, Veazie and Westbrook. Foreign Governments have no business interfering with Maine Referendums.
I encourage you to Vote YES on Referendum #1 to reject The Corridor.
Linda Bradley
Volunteer, Yes on 1

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