CMP's Climate Change Claims Are False

The project will not reduce carbon emissions

  • Whether this corridor project goes through or not, Massachusetts is required to reduce their carbon footprint by law. To achieve this goal, they can find another route for the power from Quebec, clean energy generated right here in Maine or generate their own renewable energy in Massachusetts. We do not have to be their extension cord.

  • This corridor will be massive at about the width of the New Jersey Turnpike, resulting in a 2,000 clear cut through the heart of our undeveloped wilderness. The permanent loss of trees will have a significant negative impact on carbon sequestration.

  • CMP’s very own lawyer, Matthew Manahan, told the Maine Department of Environmental Protection in a letter that the purpose of the corridor is to bring power from Canada to Massachusetts, and “nothing else.”

  • According to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, this project will undermine their efforts to bring new renewable energy to New England to reduce carbon emissions because Quebec already sells significant amounts of electricity to the region through existing lines. The contract for this project does not require this power to be in addition to that total, but rather it concentrates it all one one line, allowing for maximum profit.