The CMP Corridor Will Hurt Rural Maine

CMP has not been honest about the economic impact

  • CMP has been consistently inconsistent with jobs claims. First they claimed the project would create 3,500 Maine jobs, then they changed that figure to 1,600 jobs. Now we know that only 38 permanent Maine jobs will be created by this proposal.

  • The report often cited by the Maine Public Utilities Committee to evaluate the
    public benefit of the corridor states, "Moreover, although the new jobs created by development and construction of the project are located in Maine, the positions are not necessarily filled by local Maine residents...migrant workers that move to Maine specifically for this project might move out of the region right after the construction work is completed.”

  • Many of the short-term jobs created by this project would go to out-of-state workers. Of the four companies awarded projects to complete construction, only one is based here, Cianbro. The other three include Irby Construction of MS, Northern Clearing of WI and Sargent Electric of PA.

  • Thousands of existing Maine jobs will be lost in the biomass, logging and forestry industries and this project will be detrimental to jobs created by Maine-based renewable energy.

  • In addition to the jobs lost, this project also threatens Maine’s tourism industry as the corridor crosses over the Appalachian Trail and would be highly visible all along the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway.