Maine's Wilderness Will Never Recover

This project is bad for the environment

  • The project will fragment the largest contiguous temperate forest in North America, and perhaps the world, cutting 53 miles of new corridor, roughly as wide as the New Jersey Turnpike, through an important undeveloped area of Maine‚Äôs North Woods.

  • The corridor will disrupt animal migration routes and the ability of the forest to respond to climate change.

  • Segment 1 crosses 480 freshwater wetlands; 280 rivers, streams, or brooks, of which 237 contain coldwater fisheries habitat, including the Upper Kennebec River, which is an Outstanding River Segment; six Inland Waterfowl and Wading Bird Habitats (IWWH) with 8.23 acres of conversion; and six Significant Vernal Pools (SVP).