Farrell LTE: CMP’s long history of untruths

Lewiston Sun Journal

Central Maine Power’s false statements continue in perpetuity, because of our weak Public Utilities Commission and our lack of research.

Smart meters were efficient money savers. Wrong. Truth comes out: over budget and zero savings.

We have no billing issues. Wrong. Media outlets show many cases, and state gets involved.

No customer service issue campaign. False. Perpetual poor ranking and media stories say otherwise.

Ever heard of Flagstaff, Maine? Another CMP environmental nose thumbing. CMP does not upgrade our services and put them underground, contributing to our high power costs as our grid is easily affected by weather.

CMP has said land will not be clear cut for the New England Clean Energy Connect project. Well, lines aren’t put in the woods; they’re put atop poles in cleared areas. Those who don’t believe me can Google Earth “Stud Mill Road, Milford, Maine.” That’s a lumber facility. Follow the dirt road east, and notice the large parallel clear cut swatch beside it.

That project was supposed to be low impact, similarly done by Bangor Hydro-Electric on comparable land years ago. It affected beauty, wildlife and brought flashing lights, humming and substations to an area with no power. It’s still off-grid but one gets to see the power lines going through.

We can’t sell our souls to CMP anymore. It’s not Maine; it’s a European profiteer group. Remember, Vermont and New Hampshire passed on this before we were thought of. Our couple years of jobs isn’t worth the damage, and our PUC will allow CMP to bill us when it doesn’t perform again, like always.

Mike Farrell, Auburn

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