Filippone LTE: CMP has pulled the plug on service

Portland Press Herald

Why won’t our foreign-owned electric company leave us alone? Why would we want to help make them more money while damaging our woodlands given how they’ve treated us? I’m sure we all have horror stories – these are just a few of mine:

• Disconnection – we’ve been CMP customers for decades and have always paid our bills, yet every time I’m late, I get rude notifications that my service will be shut off.

• Can I count the number of times my power has gone out? No.

• Can I count the number my power went out when I lived in six other states? Yes, in most cases it was zero. My power has been out for days so many times I can’t count, and I live close to Portland.

• I can put my residential account on a credit card, but not my business account. Why? Is business electricity different from what I receive at home?

• Our street had a large tree fall at the entrance from the main road during a winter storm. Lines were down and the tree was blackened by fire. We couldn’t get out by car for days, and no car could get in. Local news was here reporting on it daily. We kept calling CMP, and even with two neighbors on life support equipment, it took three days for CMP to clear the tree and repair the lines.

CMP needs to stop harassing us. It’s more abuse on top of the abuse they’ve already doled out for years.

Kim Filippone

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