Foreign companies could make millions, while destroying Maine's forest in the name of green energy

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A green energy plan in Maine could destroy both thousands of acres of the largest continuous forest east of the Mississippi, and the livelihoods of the area residents.

In the latest episode of "Tucker Carlson Originals," Carlson investigates what he calls an "attack against rural America and the people who live there."

Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power (CMP), two foreign energy companies, are proposing a 100-mile corridor through Maine’s north woods to carry green energy from Canada to Massachusetts. The scheme would make the power companies millions, but according to former Maine State Senator Dr. Tom Saviello, Mainers would only get about $10 a month.

In a $20 million lobbying and ad campaign, CMP promised residents jobs and an economic boom through tax revenue. But according to Caratuk, Main Selectperson Elizabeth Caruso, "CMP has a habitual practice of over-projecting their tax revenues. After the project is built, they present a declaration of assessment that is far below what they projected to the towns in order to get their permits."


Carlson said that initially, most towns along the proposed corridor believed the assessments from CMP and supported the project. But now, according to Caruso, 86% of the communities have voted, and 100% of them have opposed the corridor.

Many residents along the corridor rely on snowmobiling, fishing, and tourism to make a living, and Saviello says if the corridor is built, these industries will be "devastated."

Many residents, like homesteader Duane Hanson, fear their lives will never be the same if CMP gets their way. "The corridor would be about 1,500 feet from our back door," he said. "They’re [CMP are] lying, they're thieving, and they’re stealing what we have here in Maine.

Saviello believes the project can be stopped, saving both the environment and the livelihoods of Maine residents, but Carlson noted it wouldn’t be easy. "Protecting one of our last great forests from destruction won’t be easy," he said. "The federal government and the state of Maine have already issued every necessary permit to start the destruction."  

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