Harth LTE: Vote yes to reject CMP corridor

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Greed and hypocrisy rule the likes of Iberdrola and Avangrid, CMP’s corporate owners. We know natural gas and wind are part of their “competitive” and highly lucrative global portfolio. Obviously, the Clean Energy Matters ads will never disclose that fact. Nor will they mention that Iberdrola’s CEO, Ignacio Sanchez Galan, is once again under investigation for RICO-type violations committed over the last 15 years.

Iberdrola’s executives and board of directors should all be investigated. Anyone watching this company is aware that full disclosure, transparency, and accountability are not their forte!

Janet Mills sat across from Ignacio Galan. The people of Maine will never know the content of their conversations, nor what Galan and his spokespersons shared that convinced OUR governor to support the CMP CORRIDOR, rather than listen to the Maine people.

What was so lucrative for Janet Mills that she chose to make western Maine’s remote mountain wilderness the collateral damage for the CMP Corridor?

Our last three governors accommodated Massachusetts’ self-imposed carbon mandates, and they all support the province of Quebec’s plan to access our lands for Canada’s long-term profit. If only we could follow the money and promises that convinced our politicians and their appointees to blatantly ignore the will of the Maine people!

Since we cannot trust these politicians and foreign corporations to do what is right for Maine, I will, given the opportunity, vote YES to Reject the CMP Corridor this November!

Sheryl Hughey-Harth RN

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