Haynes LTE: Check your CMP bill

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No, not necessarily for errors, but for the source of power you are consuming. Nothing is mentioned about the New England Grid but it mentions Next Era and New Brunswick Energy Marketing Corp.

In reference to New Brunswick, Google them and inquire about how their power is generated. You will find many sources, including hydro, natural gas, nuclear, wind, diesel, fuel oil. and coal. Coal amounts to 467 Mw, diesel 515 Mw, and fuel oil 972 Mw. Energy from New Brunswick accounts for 33% of Maine power. In New Brunswick, it sells for 25% less than in Maine.

These numbers say much about the rabid desire to market power to New England, and about Canadian dedication to green energy. Certainly Hydro Quebec could displace the fossil fuel burned in New Brunswick (and sent on to Maine) with Mega Dam kilowatts slated to travel 800 miles to Massachusetts. And, of course, the bill for power coming over the NECEC wires to your home can be paid in Canadian currency…

NECEC touts that if they lose on the referendum “big oil wins”. Without “big oil”, CMP would not have had much of a product to happily deliver to your house. American oil/gas companies are adapting and are moving to be much less reliant fossil sources, as evidenced by the large investment Next Era has made in the Farmington solar farm. We can do better right here at home. Please join me in voting YES on Question 1.

Bob Haynes

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