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Allowing completion of the NECEC Corridor makes Maine complicit in the displacement of many indigenous people in Canada, moves 18 billion American dollars to Canada, Spain, and Qatar via Avangrid, Iberdrola, and Hydro-Quebec, warms the Gulf of Maine and imperils the energy security of New England. All because Massachusetts thought it was a good idea. 

From the Dirigo, “I lead” perspective, allowing this corridor will encourage additional transmission lines from Hydro Quebec into New England. One is already permitted in Vermont and three others are being considered in New York. In reality, they are actually corridors from the money in New England to the pockets of foreign governments. Is foreign energy dependence where we want to go? Is the export of hard-earned American dollars now a trend? 

Sure, America needs clean energy but what is being proposed is not new energy. It is simply a more profitable market for already available energy. The HQ rambling about clean energy for Maine will just be made up by more dirty energy used in Canada. HQ could replace the fossil fuel burned in New Brunswick and have a direct global impact- but New England is where the money is. Even the Attorney General from Mass. said this source of power does not meet the “new” requirement in the contracts. 
This plan has been on the books for years and CMP was used hard to obtain the necessary permits which were then transferred to a yet to be established new company, NECEC. Imagine how this would have played out if Iberdrola had been the applicant? Time to do for ourselves, folks. Keep tax revenue for new American energy generation, and the jobs. Join me in Voting Yes to Reject the Corridor.

Bob Haynes

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