Haynes LTE: No, NECEC is not a good deal for Maine

Kennebec Journal

The recent letter by Kerri Bickford, “NECEC is a good deal for Maine” (Aug. 29), mirrors Central Maine Power’s propaganda almost verbatim and it was deeply flawed.

First, the $116 in annual savings for Maine families is wrong. To arrive at the $116 figure, the stated gross savings of $66 million was divided by 568,000, which is approximately the number of CMP ratepayers, not all of Maine ratepayers. Including all ratepayers as the letter suggests would lessen the annual savings to about half, $88 dollars per year or $7 per month. And, that savings was suddenly erased as we saw with the recent $9.90/month rate hike granted to CMP.

Regarding tax payment to towns — yes, some will benefit and others will lose, resulting in increased property taxes. Regarding jobs, the loss of 400 Maine jobs in the biomass sector is not mentioned, but of course, they will be replaced with the 38 permanent jobs the corridor will provide.

Then there are serious unintended consequences, such as making Maine complicit in the displacement of many indigenous people in Canada, moving $18 billion to Canada, Spain, and Qatar via Avangrid, Iberdrola, and Hydro-Quebec. Warming the Gulf of Maine and imperiling the energy security of New England. All because Massachusetts thought it was a good idea.

Would the author really sell out Maine for a pittance of monthly savings that have already been erased with rate hikes? Please think again and join me in voting yes on Question 1.


Bob Haynes


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