Howard Letter: Another CMP attempt to ram corridor through

Portland Press Herald

Maine DEP Commissioner Loyzim determined that CMP’s recent 700 page “minor revision” to the NECEC permit was not of statewide significance, and therefore doesn’t warrant scrutiny by the people of Maine. This determination was made because, according to the Commissioner, NECEC’s “minor revision” hasn’t come under significant public scrutiny. But the public was never made aware of the requested amendment and there was no notice for public comment!

For the last 2 ½ years, the CMP corridor has been the focus of approval agency reviews, legislation, two citizen initiative efforts, and the topic has dominated the media. Thousands of Mainers gathered to leverage 25 town votes along the corridor route to rescind support of NECEC.

Thousands of citizens provided public comment at the DEP, PUC, and ACOE. During the 2019 DEP hearing on the original permit, 2,283 Mainers testified in opposition to the project to only 11 in support.

More recently, 100,000 signatures were turned in by Maine voters to trigger a statewide vote on the project. Signatures came from more than 500 Maine communities. For the Commissioner to state that NECEC does not have statewide significance is just ludicrous.

Trying to classify such a major change to the permit as “minor” is yet another attempt by CMP to ram this project through behind closed doors and without the input of Mainers. This revision requires a thorough review, an independent peer review, and a period of public comment. Please submit your request for a public comment period on NECEC’s permit revision to [email protected]

Sandi Howard
Director, Say NO to NECEC
Principal Officer, No CMP Corridor PAC
Caratunk, Maine and Westmoreland, New Hampshire

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