Howard Rebuttal to Porter: Protect Maine's way of life

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The CMP corridor is widely detested across Maine. I’m proud to represent 10,000 grassroots activists who have worked tirelessly for three years to stand up to these foreign corporations. CMP constantly dismisses the grassroots opposition because they know their project is in jeopardy with the pending vote this November. This is a true David and Goliath scenario, and yes, I have said that we welcome the help to fund our anti-corridor campaign because we don’t have bottomless pockets like CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola. Companies like Patagonia, Food & Water Watch, Calpine, and NextEra are siding with Mainers by protecting the Upper Kennebec Region from harmful development. That’s beneficial to Maine.  

If the CMP Corridor was truly “clean energy”, why do Maine’s environmental organizations oppose it? Hydro-Quebec’s power will stymie true in-state generated renewable power. The scientific record shows the CMP Corridor provides NO global climate benefit or reduction in fossil energy sources. The “White Elephant” is that CMP ensured NO greenhouse gas analysis was completed in state proceedings – while Hydro-Quebec refused to testify at approval agencies. The “toxic handshake” is between CMP, Hydro-Quebec, and the permitting appointees strong-armed by their governors. 

Maine ratepayers will save a whopping $.12/month – well, until CMP’s $8/month rate hike.

From January-April 2021, No CMP Corridor had 98 contributions from private citizens at an average donation of $50. CMP’s PAC, Clean Energy Matters, had only 1 contributor, NECEC LLC, which delivered nearly $6 million. Simply put - there is no grassroots effort that supports this destructive project.

CMP paid $35/hr to out-of-state, door-knockers convincing voters NOT to sign the petition and are still hiring door-knockers to propagate their false energy claims. It’s common to have paid canvassers collect signatures for citizen initiatives, but the widespread volunteer effort involving hundreds of Mainers who collected signatures was unprecedented. Our volunteers stood outside in the cold Maine winter during a global pandemic to collect signatures - now that’s determination! We have to remember that 80,000 people freely signed the petition so Mainers can vote YES to BAN the CMP corridor and protect Maine’s way of life.
Sandra Howard
Director, No CMP Corridor PAC
Director, Say NO to NECEC 501c3
Registered Maine Guide

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