Lang LTE: Missing piece on corridor and greenhouse gas

Bangor Daily News

The recent article, “BDN answers readers’ CMP corridor questions” (October 15), reports that “Energy analysts say the corridor would reduce net carbon emissions.” I think this is entirely misleading and must be clarified. As the  Natural Resources Council of Maine and the Sierra Club have consistently noted, such a claim only measures carbon decrease for New England, or what proponents deceptively refer to as “regional reductions.” But the crucial consideration, of course, is the project’s total greenhouse gas effect.

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) report cited by the BDN draws from three studies. Two of them offer only a regional assessment. The third did conduct a comprehensive calculation, and the PUC tucked its finding into a footnote. This analysis of total net carbon found that the corridor “would result in increases in greenhouse gas emissions in other regions… and may actually increase overall emissions.”

Like many environmental groups and others, I might support this project if it showed progress toward reducing greenhouse gas; it does not.

Michael Lang


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