LTE: Ackley fought hard against CMP

Morning Sentinel

As a volunteer who dedicated countless hours last winter to collecting signatures to stop Central Maine Power's destructive corridor project, I greatly appreciate the work of my state representative, Kent Ackley, to stop Hydro-Quebec, a company owned by a foreign government, from meddling in our election.

I also appreciate his willingness to speak out about CMP's shady practices. Recently he said, "At every turn, CMP has chosen shareholders over profits and disrespect for customers... They sued their customers for wanting to vote on the CMP Corridor. This is customer contempt, not customer service."

It's clear that Rep. Ackley gets it, which is why we need to elect more legislators like him this fall. CMP can't continue to treat their customers this way, and they can't be allowed to steamroll their customers to make billions off of Massachusetts.

Josephine Stevens

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