LTE: Bob Haynes: Response to “A Critical Commodity”

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Response to “A Critical Commodity” July 11 by Clayton McKay

I agree with your description of electricity as a critical commodity Mr. McKay, and I would like to add another dimension to the critical nature. Politicians in New England are folding to the constant nimbyism of their electorate regarding local electric generation. Why not? Hydro Quebec is offering power and even money to persuade New England to pay the Province of Quebec high rates (as compared to rates charged in the Province). As the percentage of electric consumption from this source increases, so does our dependence. Hydro Quebec needs New England money to subsidize rates for provincial customers. Many businesses in New England compete with those in Quebec. It would logical for the province to manipulate rates to their business favor, at the expense of the New England economy.

New England needs to take responsibility for its own generation needs and not allow the region to be a victim of foreign generation. Our President has indicated a concern over electrical control devices in an Executive Order. I suspect he will also realize foreign generated power in not in the interest of our country either. Electricity remains a critical commodity- too critical to rely on foreign generation and in the NECEC scenario, delivery handled by a corporation based in another country, Spain in this case, via Iberdrola- the majority owner of Avangrid and CMP.

Bob Haynes, Skowhegan

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