LTE: CMP shouldn’t profit off Maine lands

Morning Sentinel

Kudos to Rick Bennett for his recent op-ed (“Lawsuit only way to stop illegal land grab by CMP,” July 15) highlighting Central Maine Power’s illicit land grab from the people of our great state.

A common misnomer in the debate about CMP’s NECEC transmission corridor to deliver power from Quebec to Massachusetts is that CMP owns all of the land along the route. That simply isn’t true. This line would cross (and substantially impact) public reserve land, and as Rick explains, the closed-door negotiations CMP engaged in with two administrations were a direct violation of the Maine Constitution.

I find it to be outrageous that CMP, the least trusted utility company in the country, was permitted to skirt Maine law by two governors in a row. Maine isn’t an extension cord for Massachusetts, and our public lands weren’t protected so CMP and Hydro-Quebec (owned by the Canadian government) can profit.

CMP’s NECEC Corridor project is deeply unpopular, which is all the more reason for them to follow the letter of the law. But instead, they are spending record amounts on flashy ads to convince Maine voters while holding court with Maine leaders behind closed doors and in violation of the law.

We can’t let this stand. Please join me in voting “yes” this November.

Michelle Stevens


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