LTE: CMP, the DEP and the ‘minor revisions’

Times Record

CMP and our state officials, specifically the DEP at the moment, are at it again.

It seems that CMP has made some “minor revisions” to their plan, a mere 700-plus page revision that involves new wetlands and wildlife habitats that could be compromised. The acting commissioner of the DEP, Melanie Loyzim, has decided that these revisions don’t need to be reviewed by the rest of the board or the public.

Part of her reasoning for her decision was that there wasn’t sufficient public scrutiny over these revisions.

The reason for that? The public wasn’t aware of the revisions because CMP, as they like to do, kept them out of the public eye.

I think it’s way past time that Maine government takes a really good look at exactly what CMP and its foreign, corrupt, inadequate corporations are trying to do here.

It’s time that they consider the concerns of the environmental experts and also the Maine people who want to protect our state.

We know the NECEC is a bad deal for Maine and 100,000-plus people have concerns.

Why are these officials turning their backs on us?

Review the revisions; do an environmental impact study and make CMP prove to us that the destruction will offset the benefit.

We know it can’t and we want the DEP to admit that.

Linda Lee

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