LTE: Corridor project handled poorly

Lewiston Sun Journal

Is Maine part of Massachusetts again? Or a part of Quebec Province? Maybe Spain? The handling of the Central Maine Power corridor by some officials totally has me wondering.

Maine is celebrating the 200th year of statehood; shouldn’t Mainers be proud? It’s extremely hard to be when foreign entities can challenge Maine residents, blocking a vote on the CMP corridor project.

The Constitution should allow the people of Maine to at least have a voice on this.

Maine is being thrown away for foreign profits by officials/appointees who have financial interests.

The CMP corridor path includes a majestic landscape that, no matter what CMP and its foreign partners say, will forever be destroyed if the corridor happens. People hike to see wildlife, stunning views and waterways surrounded by forests; not to see power poles and unnatural scenery.

That area is a reason why Maine is special. Maine is “Vacationland.” Losing areas such as the proposed corridor path would be removing one of Maine’s assets that has supported the right to be a vacationland.

Maine needs all officials to remember what gives this state its character, and strive for what the voters who elected them believe is best for the state. Then they will be doing their job as they were elected to do.

Finally, is the governor’s title to be now known as the assistant governor of Massachusetts? Or adviser to the prime minister of Quebec?

Maine and its people deserve better.

Debbie Collins, Litchfield

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