LTE: Elizabeth Hamilton: With CMP corridor, everyone wins, except Maine

Times Record

CMP’s flashy marketing campaign sure paints a pretty picture of their corridor project, but unfortunately, none of it is grounded in reality.

They’ve started awarding contracts to complete the project, and unsurprisingly, three of the four companies hired aren’t based in Maine. Those companies include Irby Construction of Mississippi, Northern Clearing of Wisconsin, and Sargent Electric of Pennsylvania.

The jobs these companies were hired to complete are highly specialized, and won’t be awarded to Mainers. The workers they bring in to work on this project will leave as soon as it’s over. Any boom created for the economy will be temporary, and all that will be left when they’re done is an estimated 38 full-time jobs.

This project would cause irreversible damage to some of our most valued natural resources, and we will be nothing more than an extension cord for Massachusetts. Our power bills won’t be reduced, and the “benefits” package offered by CMP is a joke.

What CMP’s ads don’t tell you is that this dishonest company that has done wrong by Maine ratepayers for years will make an additional $5 million per month off of this project, Hydro-Quebec will make $41 million/month and Massachusetts ratepayers will enjoy a rate decrease.

Everyone wins, except Maine.

Elizabeth Hamilton,

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