LTE: Gary Henry: CMP line project is not a good deal

Morning Sentinel

Tony Marple’s arguments for Iberdrola/Avangrid/Central Maine Power’s proposed power corridor are weak and inaccurate (“CMP line would bring clean power to New England,” July 1). The only “green” in this profiteering plan are greenbacks, for foreigners, executives, and the political elite. His claim that Spain’s Iberdrola wants a Maine corridor to supply Canadian electricity to Massachusetts because they care about us is absurd. Wise Mainers are not swayed by the “It’s a good deal!” propaganda campaign, which has cost millions.

Their “good deal” would come at a steep cost to Maine and leave us with an ugly scar through 53 miles of our western woodlands, starkly visible from many of Maine’s beautiful mountaintops, lakes and byways. Marple defends that with another ludicrous claim; that ripping open a jagged wound through our state is no different than sustainable logging. Harvested forests regrow; CMP’s ugly towers and turnpike-wide corridor would stand forever.

And he is oddly pleased that existing Maine power plants would be shut down, resulting in more lost jobs. He touts an MIT report, avoiding the fact that it is based on selling Maine power back to Canada from wind and solar stations plastered all over the state, a scenario he knows won’t happen.

Marple conveniently avoids mention of the wildfire threat high-voltage transmission lines present in a region not prepared for rapid response. This would be avoided using the approved underground Vermont route, but Iberdrola chooses to pursue a cheaper overland route through the heart of Maine. Because they care.

Are wildfires, woodlands destruction, job losses, and a hideous tribute to “progress” justifiable casualties of a “greener” Massachusetts? Hardly. Mainers know a rotten deal when they smell one. We may not have millions of other peoples’ dollars to spend, but we do have truth and common sense on our side.

Gary Henry


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