LTE: Gary Lachance: No interest in “moving quickly”

In a recent op-ed published in your paper, CMP's (seemingly) only two allies, Rumpf and Irland, make the case that CMP's unpopular corridor project is necessary to reduce the effects of climate change, and they argue that "we must move quickly." They left out an important detail- CMP's project is one of 45 applicants to fulfill Massachusetts' new clean energy quota. This amount of so called clean energy, will be added to the New England grid to supply Massachusetts ratepayers: and it is not Maine's' burden to bear!

In fact, CMP's corridor project was one of three to deliver Hydro Quebec's energy to Massachusetts, and it wasn't even the first choice. TDI proposed a buried line through Vermont. This fully permitted project would have minimal impacts to Vermont's' natural resources or view sheds. It would result in 48 acres of clearing, no impact to vernal pools and a total 5 acres of impact to wetland. By comparison, CMP's corridor (which is cheaper because it is above ground) would result in more than 1800 acres of clearing, impact 250 vernal pools and 184 acres of wetland.

That is why I have no interest in "moving quickly" to rubber stamp a destructive corridor that doesn't benefit Maine. We can't let CMP, a foreign corporation, destroy Maine to line their pockets. Please vote yes this November!

Gary Lachance
Carrabassett Valley

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