LTE: Hydro-Quebec Energy Source?

The Free Press

The proponents of the new “energy corridor” linking Maine to Hydro-Quebec insist that Maine will profit from this electricity, which will be far cheaper than fossil fuel–generated electricity which now supplies Maine. They also insist that the new “energy corridor,” requiring the disruption of wilderness area, is very short by comparison to the existing “corridor” that currently (no pun intended) transmits electricity from Canada through Maine into Massachusetts.

The Hydro-Quebec electricity will require its own wires and poles, which will undoubtedly require a significant widening of the existing scar through the Maine woods. But wait! What is the source of electricity transmitted through the existing transmission lines? Would that be a fossil-fuel generating plant in Quebec? CMP would have us believe that the Hydro-Quebec electricity source will allow them to shut down an (unnamed) existing fossil-fuel plant? Really? Or will it just provide much more electricity to the industries located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, allowing them to create more jobs — and more pollution? It would be nice if CMP, et al., were more open and honest with us Mainers.

Richard Crampton, Northport

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