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Dear Editor,

I am writing today to offer my support for Senator Russell Black’s re-election. Over the past 10 years I have been very please with how he has represented our community. He knows what his constituents want and acts accordingly. Let me give you three examples:

• He supported health care expansion to the poor. He did this and continued to provide support even under tremendous pressure to change his vote.
• He was one of four Senate Republican’s that voted for the State budget. He knew a State shutdown would not benefit his Senate District. Again, he cast this vote under tremendous pressure to change his mind.
• He has worked tireless to protect our public lands from the CMP corridor. He worked against all odds to get the bill introduced and passed by the Ag committee.

Unfortunately, the early adjournment of the legislature prevented this bill from being passed.

Finally, in the last year Russell has taken a community leadership role in fight the CMP corridor. He was the second signer of the ill-fated petition. He has written an editorial against the Corridor. He has led a zoom meeting to get the word out on how bad this deal is for Maine and how our biomass industry will be destroyed. Other candidates now say they are against the line. Yet in the last year they were nowhere to be seen. That is until now.

Please join me in voting for Russ Black as Franklin County’s State Senator.

Tom Saviello

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