LTE: Let’s not remain captive to CMP

Morning Sentinel

I realize that the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s job in theory is to protect the consumer rights of utility customers. However, has anyone considered the amount of money the PUC has authorized Central Maine Power to increase in rates this year?

Maybe my thought process on this matter is to simplistic. Despite a $10 million fine, the rates increased on average $1.73 per month per residential household effective March 1.

Effective July 1 was an additional rate increase averaging $2.50 per residential household to help pay for two storms, paid over 36 months.

CMP reports 636,000 utility accounts. I realize that there is difference in the commercial rates vs. residential rates., but applying these rate increases across the board, CMP will receive an additional $1.1 million and $1.6 million monthly. Over the allotted 36 months CMP stands to “recoup” $57.25 million to pay for repairs.

Why do we continue to remain captive to CMP, Avangrid and Iberdrola? Hopefully our efforts to defeat the New England Clean Energy Connect will translate into L.D. 1646 becoming a reality. For more information please go to

Christopher J. French

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