LTE: Linda Flagg: We should have a say about the CMP corridor project

The Irregular

When I signed up to collect signatures as a volunteer to bring the destructive CMP corridor project to a statewide vote, I never imagined that I may be followed and observed by private investigators. I never imagined anything remotely like this because I was simply exercising a right enshrined in the Maine Constitution.

CMP, a foreign-owned company, has defended hiring a private investigator to stalk young women involved in our effort, claiming that such action was standard practice. But I never heard of pharmaceutical companies hiring anyone to stalk signature gatherers in that effort. Nobody heard about that because the truth is, it isn’t normal, and it isn’t acceptable.

CMP is a monopoly that we allow to exist in this state to serve the Maine public. If they want to run a merchant corridor through our undeveloped wilderness to serve residents of another state, we absolutely should have a say. The lengths they have gone to prevent our voices from being heard, throughout the process and at every level, should disturb us all.

Linda Flagg

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