LTE: Maria Strickland: Trust Maine people to decide on NECEC

Bangor Daily

On all the major networks and online, I have been seeing many advertisements for the transmission line Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power want to run through our state. These political ads seem to be purposely using pretty pictures, psychological tactics and half-truths to try and confuse voters. For example, one features a map of the line stopping in Lewiston. While that is where this new line ends, the reality is that the hydropower would be shipped all the way to Massachusetts just because residents there are willing to pay more for it. These are apparent attempts by Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power to mislead voters with slick public relations tactics because they know the CMP corridor is unpopular in Maine.

Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power have already spent more than $9 million to try and gloss over the truth and confuse Mainers. But the facts are clear. The transmission corridor Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power want to cut through the North Woods would incur long lasting damage to that region of our state.

The millions Hydro-Quebec is spending are also concerning because, I believe, it amounts to interference in our elections by a utility solely owned by a foreign government. This sort of interference in our elections should not be tolerated. Maine people can be trusted to make decisions about what is best for our state without this kind of interference.

Maria Strickland


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