LTE: Monica McCarthy: The only thing green about it is the money

Daily Bulldog

Please vote [YES] to stop the CMP Corridor in November. The largest contiguous temperate forest in North America and everything that lives in it, wetlands and streams sheltering inland waterfowl and wading birds, the last true stronghold for stream-dwelling wild brook trout, mountaintop vistas that take your breath away - all of this and more is at risk. You will hear plenty of greenwashing about this project between now and then. Don’t believe it.

CMP is spending millions of your own money - ratepayers money - to lie to you. Read the public record of testimony and public comment in the various permitting agency files. There is no documentation of any clear benefit to Maine from this project: no incremental clean power, no greenhouse gas reduction, no financial benefit to ratepayers (unless you count the $1.50 a month which is canceled out by the rate increases CMP requested in a separate case), no rate suppression benefit, fewer jobs created than lost, and it effectively blocks Maine renewable energy generation from getting to the grid.

This project is a land grab by a foreign-owned global energy conglomerate whose only interest is to ensure US energy dependency at our own expense by extracting from and damaging our lands. They are leveraging climate change and marketing a clean power story, but if you read the record, CMP states clearly under oath that this project is a merchant line that is not about addressing climate change.

The only thing green about it is the money - billions - that they will make by destroying the largest unfractured forest east of the Mississippi and the watershed it shelters, unless we vote "Yes" in November to stop it.

Monica McCarthy

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