LTE: New 2020 Petition to Block CMP Corridor

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There is a NEW petition, as of November 2020, that Mainers can sign which is different from the 2019 No CMP Corridor petition referendum that many people previously signed. The 2019 petition was challenged by CMP in court (CMP won) and it therefore never made it onto the November 2020 ballot. The new petition would allow for a new ballot referendum in 2021 that directs the Maine Legislature to require legislative approval for high-impact transmission lines, reinforce the Maine state constitutional requirement for legislative approval for projects traversing public lands, and protect the valuable upper Kennebec Gorge area from commercial exploitation.

This new petition cannot be challenged as unconstitutional by CMP, in fact it “reinforces the Maine state constitutional requirement for a two-thirds legislative approval for projects traversing public lands.”

There is now less than ONE month left to collect 40,000 signatures for this new petition, an effort made more challenging by winter weather and COVID-19. If you’d like to sign the petition, there are a number of certified petition signature gatherers in Lincoln County, and you can find them by going to: Scroll down page to Want to Sign the Petition? Click Here. This takes you to a spreadsheet with dates and events for signing. Scroll further down spreadsheet to find the names of people in Lincoln County collecting signatures and their contact information.

You can also volunteer to help this effort in other ways - information is on the website. Thanks everyone!

David Bilski

New Harbor

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