LTE: Not a done deal

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Central Maine Power would like Mainers to think their destructive corridor through an undeveloped region of western Maine is a done deal, but that is simply not true. The Army Corps permit is under federal appeal because they did not conduct an Environmental Impact Statement like they did for similar hydropower projects in New Hampshire and Vermont. The Department of Energy permit has not yet been granted. CMP still has municipal permits to obtain and multiple towns have ordinances that would not allow the project as proposed.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection permit is under appeal. There also remains a lawsuit challenging the legality of the public lands lease that CMP obtained without the two-thirds approval of the Maine Legislature required by the Maine Constitution.

It’s important for Mainers to know they can sign our new referendum directing the Legislature to require legislative approval for high-impact transmission lines, reinforce the constitutional requirement for legislative approval for projects traversing public lands, and protect the valuable upper Kennebec Gorge area from commercial exploitation.

If CMP decides to start work on the corridor before Mainers vote on this in November 2021, that would be a huge financial risk for their shareholders, both foreign and domestic. Our volunteer signature collectors gathered more than 23,000 signatures on Election Day. It’s time for the majority of Mainers who are opposed to this for-profit project to sign our No CMP Corridor petition so the people of Maine can have a voice on this matter once and for all.

Sandra Howard

Director, Say No to NECEC

Executive Director, No CMP Corridor PAC


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