LTE: Not buying the shell game

Sun Journal

Serge Abergel, an employee of Hydro-Quebec, recently contributed to your paper.

While this is a free country, and he can say as he pleases, he is not from this country. Rather, he’s a representative of a utility owned by the Canadian government, a utility that is spending record amounts on a propaganda campaign to force Mainers to accept Central Maine Power’s deeply unpopular NECEC corridor project.

The time for Hydro-Quebec to weigh in was during the permitting process, but it stayed silent to avoid going on the record and answering questions because, the reality is, it’s nothing more than a shell game. It’s smoke and mirrors. Now, it wants us to feel good about all that dough it’s going to make from Massachusetts.

I’m not buying what Hydro-Quebec is selling.

Quebec’s a nice place. Maybe Serge should stay there and mind his own business.

Michelle Harrison, Durham

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