LTE: Sandi Howard: NECEC would bring few real jobs

Morning Sentinel

Central Maine Power is trying to take advantage of Mainers’ vulnerability during a global health crisis by asserting that the NECEC corridor is the solution to repair Maine’s economy. This is simply not true. CMP recently hired out-of-state workers for highly specialized jobs, and the report often cited by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the public benefit of the corridor clearly makes the case that many of these jobs are temporary and won’t be filled by Mainers.

The study states, “Moreover, although the new jobs created by development and construction of the project are located in Maine, the positions are not necessarily filled by local Maine residents … migrant workers that move to Maine specifically for this project might move out of the region right after the construction work is completed.”

Real jobs that Mainers have now in the biomass industry, related forest products industry, and recreational tourism would be in jeopardy if this line is approved. Additionally, renewable solar power expansion in Maine would be stifled, and so would jobs in that industry. CMP dodges the real number of sustainable jobs that would result from this project, which is 38 jobs.

Mainers need to think about the long term to preserve Maine’s brand and way of life. This project would result in a net job loss, not a gain. Vote to defeat the CMP corridor in November.

Sandra Howard 


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