LTE: Vote against CMP corridor project

Daily Bulldog

There are many reasons Mainers are against this proposed CMP corridor project. Their assertion this will reduce overall greenhouse gases has shown to be false. This project is solely a for-profit venture which will only pad the bank accounts of HQ and CMP, Avangrid, Iberdola.

The source of this power from mega-dams in Canada have proven to be environmentally destructive, poisons and displaces native people and disrupts nutrients which sustain ocean fisheries.

The potential disruption to wild Brook trout and the Blueback trout, a rare sub-species of Arctic Char in their stronghold of the western Maine mountains should have garnered extra scrutiny from the DEP. These trout depend on cold clean water for their future survival.

CMP has also not been accountable to Maine's ratepayers for their meter and billing debacle which has put many in a position to either pay exorbitant electric bills or put food on the table or pay rents and mortgages. This proposed project should have been put on hold for this reason alone since there has not been any resolution. CMP has profited enough already off the backs of hard working Maine people.

We will have our say in November by voting Yes to stop this madness.

John Meagher
North Berwick

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