LTE: Vote ‘YES’ to protected Maine environment

Daily Bulldog

Maine is a beautiful state full of many great people and natural wonders. We all know and recognize that. However, two foreign corporations continue to fail to recognize that. Central Maine Power Company, the most disliked public utility in the country, is one of those corporations, and it is attempting to construct a new electrical transmission line to deliver power to Massachusetts, and doing so will put all of Maine’s iconic wilderness at risk.

Flagstaff was established in 1775 it became a vibrant town in the early years of Maine. However, in 1940 people were ripped from their homes so the town could be burned down and flooded for the construction of a hydroelectric dam.

By Allowing CMP to construct a transmission line through the North Woods for Massachusetts' use, will be just the beginning to use Maine for profit. We simply cannot allow foreign companies to put profits before Maine like what happened to Flagstaff.

This November, Maine voters will have the power to reject CMP's transmission line and protect our natural environment by voting YES.

Marianne Ayotte
Moxie Gore Township

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