Maine Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose CMP Corridor Project According to Recent Poll

CMP Fails to Gain Support Despite Historic Campaign Spending

Portland, ME - A recent poll conducted by Beacon Research on behalf of Political Action Committee Mainers For Local Power (MLP) shows that CMP’s proposed corridor project continues to face strong and widespread opposition.  Mainers from across the state who oppose the project – who successfully collected more than 66,000 signatures to place the question before voters in November – hold a 20-point advantage heading into election season.

CMP[1] and Hydro-Quebec[2] reported spending approximately 10 million dollars in an unsuccessful effort to keep the citizens’ initiative off the ballot – and that was only through March 30; it is virtually impossible to avoid the utilities ongoing advertising blitz. This level of spending is unprecedented for a ballot question, especially considering that it is coming from two foreign-owned utility giants who are motivated by nothing more than a lucrative business opportunity.

The Beacon survey data clearly demonstrate that Maine voters can’t be bought and aren’t persuaded that an extension cord from Canada to Massachusetts is a good deal for Maine, or that Maine should have to suffer the environmental consequences of a giant, for-profit electricity transmission corridor.    

“The backers of the CMP transmission line have already spent well over $10 million trying to deceive Maine voters into supporting this good deal for Spain and bad deal for Maine,” said MLP PAC spokesman Jon Conradi. “With just four months until Election Day, Maine voters haven’t been tricked and remain overwhelmingly opposed to this project that will line the pockets of foreign companies while disrupting Maine communities and wilderness.”

Matthew Shelter of Beacon Research supervised the poll. He commented, “this project is now well known to a majority of Mainers, and these voters are rejecting it by a wide margin.” 

For further information regarding the recent poll read attached is a memorandum prepared by Beacon Research. Go HERE:



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