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Portland, ME – Mainers for Local Power (MLP) released a statement Thursday after launching a summer digital ad campaign and placing $5.8 million in fall media reservations opposing the CMP Corridor.

"Maine voters know the CMP Corridor is a bad deal that would disrupt Maine communities, recreational areas and landscapes in order to boost profits for foreign corporations,” said MLP spokesman Jon Conradi. “That is why the foreign backers of the Corridor, including Iberdrola, the Spanish conglomerate that owns CMP, and Canadian-owned Hydro-Quebec, have poured a shocking amount of money into trying to block a ballot initiative this fall.”

“Mainers for Local Power stands with the overwhelming majority of Maine voters who oppose this good deal for Spain and bad deal for Maine,” Conradi continued. “MLP looks forward to arming voters with the facts and ensuring they have the opportunity to vote ‘yes’ to stop the CMP Corridor at the ballot box in November.”

MLP’s television reservations begin on Sept. 9 and run through Election Day on Nov. 3.

MLP’s summer digital ad campaign begins this week. See MLP’s first digital ad “Bad Deal” HERE.

At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the foreign backers of the CMP Corridor reported spending an astounding  $16 million trying to keep a citizens’ initiative off the November ballot and have reserved an additional $3.6 million of television time as of July 8. It appears they have an unlimited budget to secure a project that will reap billions of dollars in corporate profits.

Despite the staggering pace of spending by these huge foreign utility companies, Mainers remain overwhelmingly opposed to this good deal for Spain and bad deal for Maine. A recent MLP poll, conducted by Beacon Research, found Maine voters oppose the CMP Corridor by a 20-point margin.

Read more on MLP PAC and its mission HERE.

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