Maloney LTE: Not being paid

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I am not supportive of the CMP Corridor, and I am not being paid to say that.

Like hundreds of other grass-roots volunteers, we find it offensive that CMP is suggesting that we are all being paid to fight them.

For the first referendum, I collected signatures. For the second referendum, I notarized signatures.

I have spoken at public meetings and spoken for television commercials and marched in parades. I am not receiving any money for any of this work. I am a volunteer, like hundreds of other Maine citizens.

The CMP corridor will clear-cut 53 miles through Maine public land, forever changing the natural beauty of our state and affecting Mainers’ livelihoods and ways of life. Before that happens, the Maine people should have the right to vote on the fate of their public land.

The fact that CMP is working so hard to prevent the Maine people from having a voice is what brought me and hundreds of others into this fight.

Our grassroots volunteers receive no money. We simply love our state.

Join us and Vote YES on Question 1 to reject the CMP Corridor!

Maeghan Maloney
District Attorney for Somerset and Kennebec counties

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