Mazerall LTE: Vote yes on Question 1 to stop corridor destruction

Bangor Daily News

All the talk about the so-called clean and some call green corridor that we will be voting on in November really began in 1984. In 1984, the damming of the George River began with the destruction of the Eastern Caribou herd as they drowned by the thousands when their traditional migration route was flooded for construction of the James Bay Hydro project. Now they want us Mainers to reward the Canadian government and their foreign supporters by allowing them to destroy part of the western Maine forest.

People seem to be of the opinion that Canada is an environmentally conscious country. They have over the last 30 years or so allowed for the destruction of vast areas of wilderness that have brought other herds of caribou to what they apparently consider an acceptable extinction. Another example of the Canadian government’s apparent callous disregard for the environment is the number of right whales  killed in Canadian waters while our lobstermen could be shut out of fishing grounds where they likely have done little or no damage to this rare species.

Please do not reward Central Maine Power, Canada and their foreign partners in November. Vote yes to stop once and for all the destruction of our beautiful state.

Leo Mazerall

Stockton Springs

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  • Sandra Howard
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