Meagher LTE: CMP corridor ‘destructive’ to environment

By the time I finished reading David Griswold’s recent letter to the editor to the end (“Ads about corridor’s forest impact untrue,” April 10), I literally spit my coffee out, seeing that he is a licensed forester.

He could not be more misguided in saying our western Maine forest would not be permanently impacted by the destructive Central Maine Power corridor. Even if the 54-foot width of the 53.5-mile stretch of Segment 1 was not widened for future use, how could anyone say that that alone is not a significant alteration of our forest?

Modern day forestry includes sustainable management practices such as bio-diversity and carbon sequestration. Our forest is a special place which needs protection from continued fragmentation.

The CMP corridor will be destructive to Maine’s environment, and it’s a bad deal for our state. CMP already does a terrible job managing our current power lines. Why would we allow the company to create even more corridors that will just bring power from Canada to Massachusetts at the cost of our wilderness?

I hope readers will join me in voting “yes” to reject the CMP corridor, should it go to the polls in November.

John Meagher

Environmentalist (degree in environmental policy)

North Berwick

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