Mercer LTE: CMP corridor is about making money

Bangor Daily News

I have watched the situation with the power line that is to be run through the forests of western Maine with a jaundiced eye. Why a jaundiced eye? It is because throughout history most major events that created intentional degradation of our natural wonders were done in the name of progress. Progress is a code word for “making money”.

Our rivers and lakes were dammed, whole towns were flooded out, wetlands were paved over for parking lots, wind turbine farms were built, roads were built through sensitive forests, all in the name of progress, i.e. making money.

In this case, the proponents neglect to focus on the thousands of acres of the impoundment in Canada that were submerged. Is a swarth more than 50 miles long not a clear cut? How is the vegetation going to be kept from growing back into this non-clear cut? In this case ” green energy” is, in my opinion, an environmental boondoggle.

Let there be no mistake, this is not some compassionate project to alleviate the suffering of those poor under-powered folks in Massachusetts; it is a project to make CMP and its investors a bunch of money. I believe it will have no real positive effect on us here in Maine, but will create that 50-mile, non-clear cut and all its ramifications.

Bob Mercer



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