NECEC: Still a bad deal

Bangor Daily News

The New England Clean Energy Connect remains a bad deal for Maine.

The purpose of the NECEC has not changed from its original goal of supplying hydropower to customers in Massachusetts through 20-year contracts between Hydro-Quebec and three Massachusetts utilities. I believe it will forever damage the environment, natural resources, native brook trout, wildlife, scenic beauty and tourism economy of the western Maine mountains.

This arrangement would not directly reduce electricity prices in Maine, but would reduce the wholesale cost of electricity, which would have to be passed on to retail electricity customers in Maine from energy suppliers such as Central Maine Power. If it is passed on in its entirety to residential and business customers in Maine, the monthly savings would only be 12 cents, according to the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

This new arrangement does not change anything about the NECEC. It is still a bad deal for Maine.

John Nicholas


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