Saviello OpEd: CMP’s leases questioned

Daily Bulldog Before I start let me remind you that the Corridor would cross Maine’s public reserve lands in Johnson Mt and West Forks Townships. Anytime development that has the potential to significantly alter real estate owned by the people of Maine is considered, there is a constitutional and statutory requirement to have two-thirds legislative approval. (Maine Constitution Title IX Section 23 and MRSA 12 598-A.) The Maine Legislature has yet to give this approval! We have been battling this in the Business Court for over a year. Last week Justice Murphy from the bench stated that both the Lepage and Mills administrations have kept lawmakers in the dark on public lands leases for the Central Maine Power (CMP) powerline known as ‘the Corridor.’ Continue reading

8.1.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends, I am very pleased to report that CMP’s latest attempt to slow our momentum and confuse the voters was shot down by the law court this week. On June 3, CMP’s lacky Rep. Christopher Caiazzo of Scarborough filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State to divide our referendum into three separate questions. He did this knowing that more than 80,000 Mainers signed to initiate our referendum as drafted. Fortunately, first the lower court, and now the law court both sided with Secretary Bellows to honor the will of the voters. So now it’s clear that our question will be presented to the voters as initiated - as one question. Continue reading

Poirier OpEd: CMP Corridor is a terrible deal for Maine

The Piscataquis Observer Doug Thomas’s recent letter, “Lies in NECEC TV ads” was riddled with CMP propaganda and “poisonous falsehoods,” as he would call them. As someone who has recreated in the Upper Kennebec Region my entire life, I am very disappointed that he signed his name to this letter given the lasting damage it would cause to the forestry industry and our iconic brand. Continue reading

Mercer LTE: CMP corridor is about making money

Bangor Daily News I have watched the situation with the power line that is to be run through the forests of western Maine with a jaundiced eye. Why a jaundiced eye? It is because throughout history most major events that created intentional degradation of our natural wonders were done in the name of progress. Progress is a code word for “making money”. Continue reading

Buzzell LTE: Support local fire department and oppose NECEC

Bangor Daily News Pacific Gas & Electric has finally  decided to bury 10,000 miles of power lines in California to prevent further fires. The current California fire potentially   caused by power lines has exceeded 100,000 acres.  Continue reading

Maine’s high court turns down bid to split CMP corridor referendum into separate questions

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — A referendum aiming to take down the Central Maine Power corridor will appear as one question on Maine ballots this fall after the state’s high court rejected an attempt to split it into three separate questions. Opponents of the CMP corridor project, which aims to connect hydropower from Quebec with New England’s electric grid via a transmission line in western Maine, gathered enough signatures earlier this year for a citizens referendum that would ban such construction in the region and require a two-thirds vote in the Legislature for similar projects on public lands. Continue reading

Maine supreme court denies bid to split power corridor referendum into 3 questions

Portland Press Herald A referendum on the planned New England Clean Energy Connect electric transmission line through Maine can be presented to voters as a single question, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled Thursday. After opponents of the 145-mile transmission line, already under construction between Quebec and Lewiston, gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot, Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ office drafted a single, multipart question to be placed on the November ballot. Continue reading

Carlson OpEd: What Mainers should know about energy corridor

While I hate to disagree with a fellow Vermonter, I find Richard de Grasse’s op-ed in the May issue of The Working Waterfrontflawed. Maine is in fact being offered a pittance for disrupting both the ecology and the heritage of its North Woods, and not for clean energy, but for expanded Hydro-Quebec profits in the North America electricity market. Continue reading

Towle LTE: Time’s up, lock the back door

Livermore Falls Advertiser On July 14, Maine lawmakers sent a formal letter with credible documentation to DEP Commissioner Loyzim and the Board of Environmental Protection regarding their findings on the CMP Corridor. Bill Hinkel, BEP Executive Analyst, ordered “the Board members have been instructed to disregard the letter for the time being.” Continue reading

Sen. Bennett LTE: Halt construction immediately

Daily Bulldog Recently Senator Russell Black and I (separately) visited Segment 1 of the CMP Corridor to see first hand the environmental damage that is being done in the construction of this project. Last week, we held a news conference and sent a letter to the Department of Environmental Protection and Members of the Board of Environmental Protection explaining that the Corridor width greatly exceeds the permitted 54′, and that the tapering condition including in the DEP permit isn’t protecting critical wildlife habitat and viewsheds as intended. Continue reading