LISTEN: Volunteer & Registered Maine Guide Ed Buzzell on WVOM

Click HERE to listen on WVOM Ed Buzzell discusses why the CMP corridor is so destructive and a bad deal for Maine.

Ecker OpEd: Confused about Question #1 about the CMP Corridor?

Lewiston Sun Journal Are you getting inundated with scary messages about “Retroactivity”?I am one of over 120,000 people who signed a petition to get Question #1 on the ballot. I am also one of the many volunteers who stood in the freezing cold outside of stores collecting signatures. You probably saw me at the ‘Food liner’. Did you know that the Hydro-Quebec, CMP, and their lobbyists have spent over 40 million dollars fighting this campaign, compared to 10 million spent by the opponents of the Corridor? (Maine Ethics Commission website) They have spent over 40 million dollars to convince Mainers that the Corridor to Massachusetts is good for us. Now, they aren’t even trying to convince the public that it’s a good thing. Instead, they are spending millions to scare us. Continue reading

Christian LTE: Maine shouldn’t support growth in Massachusetts with CMP corridor

Bangor Daily News I’m voting “yes” on Question 1 to keep the Central Maine Power corridor from being built, Continue reading

Cote LTE: Retroactive law passage not new in Maine

Lewiston Sun Journal In response to the letter from Ellen Field on “retroactive laws” in the Sun Journal on Oct. 16, she’s just wrong on the facts, as are the advertisements from “Mainers for Fair Laws” that have been filling our mailboxes and air waves. Title 1, Chapter 11, Section 302 of the Maine Revised Statutes has long given elected officials the right to pass retroactive laws — there are no new powers being put into place here. Continue reading

Ross LTE: Hold CMP accountable to the people they serve

Portland Press Herald Concerning Question 1 on the Nov. 2 ballot, I write to those who had smart meter problems, overbilling dilemmas or threatening disconnect notices during the winter and were treated with disdain by Central Maine Power’s customer service representatives. I also write to those who haven’t personally had to deal with these issues. I ask each of them this question: If your local beautician, carpenter, grocer or plumber treated you this way, would you continue to patronize their businesses? CMP is a subsidiary of a foreign-owned, international corporation. Continue reading

Buechs LTE: Do I trust CMP?

Portland Press Herald We built a new home near the coast here in Biddeford in 1997. That fall, we had a frightening experience. One morning, ceiling fans started whirring, TVs started playing and we smelled burning wires. Our electrician told us to call Central Maine Power. When they arrived, they told us the transformer had failed and we had an “open neutral” forcing a power surge into our home.  The damages included appliances, light fixtures and scorched carpets. The CMP office assured us all damages, amounting to over $10,000, would be covered, to get the repairs and/or replacements. They kept our damage account open for 12 months to cover latent damage. Continue reading

WATCH: NEWS CENTER Maine Ballot Question 1 Forum

Watch HERE on NewsCenter Maine Vote YES on 1 represented by Adam Cote & Tom Saviello. Vote NO on 1 represented by Thorn Dickinson & Ben Dudley. A post debate analysis follows.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) endorses the Yes on 1

MOFGA The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) endorses the Yes on 1 Campaign to stop the Central Maine Power (CMP) Corridor project, also known as the New England Clean Energy Connect, and urges members to vote Yes on 1. Continue reading

CMP allies liken corridor foes to ‘gun-grabbers’ in false appeal to conservatives

Bangor Daily News A group aligned with Central Maine Power Co. fighting a referendum aiming to kill the $1 billion hydropower corridor argued it could empower “gun grabbers” in an appeal to conservatives. The tactic highlights how project backers are making targeted appeals to parts of Maine’s electorate in the final weeks of the campaign over Question 1. But it is a false conflation of the direct effects of the referendum — which deals only with permits for infrastructure projects — and concerns about precedent that have no direct link to guns. Question 1 contains three provisions, each aiming to stop CMP’s corridor, a transmission line in western Maine that would bring hydropower from Quebec to New England’s energy grid. A “yes” vote on the question would ban transmission lines in the Upper Kennebec region and require retroactive legislative approval for all transmission line projects since 2014 and similar projects requiring public lands leases since 2020. Continue reading

LISTEN: Elizabeth Caruso talks YES on 1

Click HERE to listen on WVOM First Selectman of Caratunk, Elizabeth Caruso talks Yes on 1, and about the possible DEP permit suspension for the CMP corridor.