At Gov. Mills’ request, NECEC will ‘pause’ construction on power corridor project

Portland Press Herald Developer NECEC Transmission LLC said it will cease work on the $1 billion project until its legal challenge to a pending law that would stop the project plays out in court. The developer of a $1 billion power transmission line through western Maine said Friday that it will temporarily suspend construction on the project while a legal challenge plays out in court. Continue reading

CMP will halt corridor construction after request from Janet Mills

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — The company building the controversial hydropower corridor from the Canadian border to Lewiston said Friday that it will temporarily suspend construction of the project following a request from Gov. Janet Mills, who has backed the project. Continue reading

NECEC to suspend construction on controversial corridor

WGME-13 PORTLAND (WGME) -- New England Clean Energy Connect has announced that they will temporarily suspend construction of their controversial corridor project. Continue reading

Governor Mills Certifies Election Results for Questions 1, 2 and 3

State of Maine Governor Janet T. Mills November 19, 2021 Governor also sends letter to NECEC urging them to voluntarily halt construction of power line until the DEP and the Court reach their independent conclusions Pursuant to Article IV, Part Third, Section 19 of the Maine Constitution, Governor Janet Mills today signed proclamations certifying the results of the November 2, 2021 election, including: Continue reading

Janet Mills calls on CMP to halt corridor construction

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Janet Mills, who has backed the Central Maine Power Co. corridor project, called on the company to halt construction Friday while legal challenges to the project and the November referendum aiming to block it are resolved. Mills, a Democrat, sent a letter to Thorn Dickinson, CEO of NECEC Transmission LLC, the CMP subsidiary working on the project, asking him to stop work on the 145-mile transmission line while the courts and Maine Department of Environmental Protection consider the issues in front of them to “give deference to the will of the voters.” Continue reading

Mainers Rally at DEP HQ to Call for Immediate Suspension of Permit for CMP Corridor

Natural Resources Council of Maine November, 18, 2021 (Augusta, ME) – Voters who supported Question 1 from across Maine gathered today outside the headquarters of Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to call on the agency’s commissioner to immediately suspend the permit for the highly controversial Central Maine Power (CMP) corridor project.  Speakers at the rally noted that Maine law allows DEP Commissioner Melanie Loyzim to revoke or suspend a permit when there is a “change of circumstance.” Continue reading


Natural Resources Council of Maine November 17, 2021 (Augusta, ME) -- A new public opinion survey completed since Election Day shows that most Maine voters want Central Maine Power (CMP) to stop all clearing of trees in western Maine to honor the will of Maine voters. A strong majority also supports having the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) order CMP to stop work on the project by suspending its permit. The survey of 408 Maine people who voted in the November 2nd election was conducted November 11-14, 2021, by Beacon Research. It provides the first post-election insight into why Mainers voted 59% to 41% in support of Question 1. The survey has a +/- 5 percentage point margin of error at the 95% level of confidence. Poll results show that mistrust of CMP led the reasons why Mainers voted yes on Question 1, followed by concern about how little Maine households would get relative to the billions in profit foreign corporations would receive. Continue reading

Cote LTE: CMP continues to put its own interests first

Portland Press Herald In a last-ditch effort to keep New England Clean Energy Connect on life support, Central Maine Power pushes forward, cutting trees and planting poles, hoping to make the case for “vested interest.” CMP was put on notice a long time ago about the perils of traveling down this road of death by a thousand cuts. Sadly, they were tone deaf to the opposition and concerns expressed in the public testimonies for the Public Utilities Commission, Department of Environmental Protection and Army Corps of Engineers. Perhaps more disappointing was how quickly our regulatory agencies caved in to corporate interests and the Mills administration without addressing the concerns brought forth by Mainers. This is what fueled the grassroots efforts to bring it to the ballot. Continue reading

Goldthwait OpEd: State of Maine: Those in power won’t take no for an answer

Mount Desert Islander The people have spoken, with a resounding “NO” to the “Clean Energy Corridor,” but Central Maine Power? The company, its parents, affiliates, partners, heirs and assigns got up the next morning and went back to work on the transmission line. Up until the Nov. 2 vote, the company could claim to be working in good faith to develop a transmission line to deliver renewable Canadian energy to our friends and neighbors in Massachusetts. Permits in hand, CMP forged on. Now its path is not so clear. The campaign to have or not to have a transmission line incurred a substantial cost in a highly politicized debate. Proponents of the corridor outspent opponents by about three and a half times, yet the opposition prevailed. The Bangor Daily News put total spending at about $237 per vote, amounting to a total campaign tab of $94 million. To read more, go here.

BECKMAN LTE: Stop CMP corridor construction

Portland Press Herald On Nov. 2, the Maine people spoke loudly about CMP’s so-called Green Energy Corridor. We saw through many of CMP’s questionable plans. But foremost I think Maine people realized we were getting a bad deal. The corridor was never about green energy. It was about making billions for CMP and its parent company. Continue reading