2021 November Ballot Guide: Maine voters to decide on CMP Corridor’s future

Boothbay Register AUGUSTA — As voters cast their ballots for the November 2 elections, Mainers will decide on three statewide referendum questions, including one that will determine the future of the Central Maine Power Corridor.  This question was placed on the Maine ballot via a citizen initiative. Question 1 reads: Do you want to ban the construction of high-impact electric transmission lines in the Upper Kennebec Region and to require the Legislature to approve all other such projects anywhere in Maine, both retroactively to 2020, and to require the Legislature, retroactively to 2014, to approve by a two-thirds vote such projects using public land? Continue reading

Kalkstein LTE: Vote yes on Question 1

Portland Press Herald The inaccurate and illogical commercials alleging that Ballot Question 1 will change the law show the desperation of CMP and its Canadian partner. The previous assertion – that the power line would bring jobs to Maine – was abandoned, probably because it was wrong-headed. At present Maine construction companies, large and small, have plenty of jobs to offer; they need workers. Bribing tradesmen away with higher pay for a short stint in the woods would be a big disservice to our state. Continue reading

LISTEN: Yes on 1 campaign - Kilbreth on WVOM

Click HERE to listen on WVOM Listen to this interview with attorney Jamie Kilbreth on WVOM.

Monteleon LTE: Honoring native people

Daily Bulldog and Bangor Daily News A controversial day is approaching on October 11, this year. Here in Maine it has rightfully been changed to Indigenous Peoples Day by Gov. Mills in order to honor the Indigenous people in Maine who were first here. Replicas of Columbus ships were even turned away this past summer by several towns also out of respect for Indigenous first inhabitants. How then could our same Gov. stand behind the NECEC Corridor that has displaced and impoverished the Native people of Quebec? Shouldn’t they be respected too? Continue reading

Huntley LTE: Don’t be flimflammed: vote ‘yes’ to reject Question 1

Portland Press Herald I’ve watched for a couple of years as CMP tries to “flimflam” Mainers. This multinational corporation, CMP/Avangrid/Iberdola, stands to make billions of dollars on the CMP corridor so it’s worth it to them to spend millions on advertising, lawyers, lobbyists, bribes, lies, deception, confusion – whatever it takes to get what they want: $$$. Continue reading

Notes from Lime City: Stop the CMP Corridor! Vote Yes on 1

The Free Press When Nate first visited votenoonone.com, which seems to be the primary above-board campaign website for the “No on 1” campaign this election cycle, he laughed out loud at the background photo: an otherwise pleasant view of the Maine State House edited, in the grand tradition of political scare ads, to look grainy and sinister. The website is focused on the supposed perils of retroactivity and intentionally neglects to mention either CMP or its execrable “New England Clean Energy Connect” power corridor. But Question 1 is all about the corridor, and about whether Mainers are going to accept the butchering of 53 miles of verdurous forest in the North Woods for high-voltage transmission lines and a project that will generate no new clean energy but will generate billions of dollars in profit for foreign-owned corporations, including CMP, a company notorious for its egregiously terrible service to the people of Maine. The No on 1 campaign declines to mention CMP or its corridor because they are both wildly unpopular: A 2019 poll found that 65% of Mainers opposed the project; only 15% supported it. The corridor is not a new renewable energy project Continue reading

WAGM: Question 1 - “Yes on 1″

WAGM-TV PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - On November 2nd, Mainers will go to the polls and decide the fate of the “New England Clean Energy Connect” project, or Question 1 on the ballot. In the final part of a two part series, NewsSource8′s Brian Bouchard talks with supporters of “Yes on 1″. Continue reading

LISTEN: Yes on 1 discussion with Adam Cote on WVOM

Click HERE to listen on WVOM Adam Cote discusses Yes on 1.

Edge LTE: Vote Yes on 1

Free Press Unless you are living in a cave, you likely either saw, heard or read the carpet-bombing ad campaign that Central Maine Power and its hopeful partner Hydro-Québec unleashed upon us all over the last year about how the New England Clean Energy Connect project was going to save our planet from climate change. What you may not have noticed is that those ads have stopped in favor of a new approach. The opposition researchers that have now been planted throughout the state, including in our community, likely saw that their “green” ad campaign was not swaying the smartly skeptical voters who are paying attention to the issue. Instead, we are now being inundated with a different message from Mainers for Fair Laws, a political action committee that has been created by the same nefarious players to confuse and distract you from what Question 1 is really about. So, let’s get this straight: Question 1 is about the NECEC, plain and simple. Continue reading

CMP allies talk less about $1B corridor in campaign to quash referendum

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — A referendum aiming to kill the $1 billion hydropower corridor has turned into a debate over wider effects on Maine’s business climate, even though the number of other public land leases affected by the question appears to be small.  Mainers are set to vote next month on the referendum, the latest stage of a years-long battle over Central Maine Power Co. and its corridor, which will bring hydropower from Quebec through western Maine to connect with New England’s energy grid in Lewiston. The project has generally drawn support from business and labor interests while dividing state lawmakers and environmentalists and energizing grassroots opposition. A Spectrum News/Ipsos poll in September found corridor backers are underwater with the electorate, with 50 percent of voters opposed and 34 percent favoring the project. Continue reading