7.11.21 Newsletter

Hello Friend, I hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s Independence Day celebrations! I’d like to thank all of our volunteers who marched in the Farmington parade to help spread the word that a YES vote will stop the CMP corridor. Check out the great pictures here. Continue reading

Caruso LTE: Science doesn’t back corridor claims

The Ellsworth American Dear Editor: As an intervenor in three permitting proceedings, I am familiar with the expert testimonies for the CMP Corridor. I write today to conscientious Maine citizens concerned about our economy and climate future. Continue reading

S. Howard LTE: Reject the CMP corridor

Times Record In 2018, while guiding a commercial raft down the Kennebec River, I first learned of CMP’s proposed transmission corridor. At a later NECEC informational session, we were essentially told the CMP corridor was a done deal. Since that time, our goal was to educate the public on the negative impacts of Maine’s largest-scale infrastructure project since the development of Interstate-95. The grave impacts to western Maine’s environment, waterways, wetlands, wildlife habitat and the economic impacts to Maine’s recreational tourism, biomass and related wood-forest products are very concerning. Continue reading

Carol Howard LTE: Turn lights out on power corridor

Lewiston Sun Journal How can Mainers trust the lowest ranking power utility for three years running — Central Maine Power — to operate the second-largest Maine’s largest infrastructure project in our state’s history? Continue reading

Wolf LTE: Vote yes to reject the CMP corridor

Daily Bulldog I have worked in western Maine’s outdoor recreation industry for four years, and I am a resident of the West Forks, Maine. I moved here for many reasons, but the main reason is the natural and remote environment and beauty of The Forks area. I strongly oppose the CMP Corridor for its damaging effect on the environment, wildlife, scenic views, and the recreation tourism industry. Continue reading

Coalition Of Indigenous Tribes In Quebec Are Suing To Stop Hydro-Quebec Powerline Construction

Maine Public A coalition of First Nation tribes in Quebec is filing suit against the provincial government to stop construction of a controversial powerline that would bring electricity from government-owned dams through Maine into the New England grid. Mainers are familiar with the fight over the Central Maine Power, the initiated plan to build 145 miles of new and upgraded transmission line on this side of the border. On the Quebec side, a coalition of indigenous tribes is suing to stop construction of about 64 miles of new transmission line needed there to connect the Hydro-Quebec system to Maine's, near Jackman. Continue reading

7.4.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends, Today is the day that we celebrate our nation’s independence, and ironically, it’s also the day that I deliver some troubling news. This week, we were unable to overturn the unfortunate veto of a bill that would have protected our sovereignty, and the integrity of our elections. The motion failed by only two votes. Because of this, a dangerous loophole that allows foreign governments to electioneer in referendums initiated by the people of Maine continues to exist.  Despite a strong showing of supporters at the State House Wednesday morning, the veto of LD 194, "An Act To Prohibit Contributions, Expenditures and Participation by Foreign Government-owned Entities To Influence Referenda” was sustained. The bill is currently being held in the Maine Senate for potential reconsideration.  Continue reading

Cote LTE: Retain Maine’s beauty, reject power corridor

Lewiston Sun Journal I thank Chelsea Washburn for her letter to the editor (“Legislators should back Mainers on power corridor,” July 1), which beautifully captures the meaning of “Maine: The Way Life Should Be.” The CMP corridor has nonpartisan opposition — Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated people are all part of the majority of Maine citizens who oppose it. I don’t believe the current Avangrid public relations effort will ultimately change that. Continue reading

Caruso LTE: Maine should say no to CMP’s green-energy scam

Portland Press Herald As an intervenor in three permitting proceedings, I am familiar with the expert testimonies for the Central Maine Power corridor. I write today to conscientious, Maine citizens concerned about our economy and climate future. Scientific evidence is required for a scientific claim. CMP has fought every study to validate climate benefits or prove that the CMP corridor will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Continue reading

Woods LTE: Vote YES to reject

Daily Bulldog Being a pessimist environmentalist is challenging as I often become discouraged by what I see on television. Whenever I see the Clean Energy Connect advertisements, I need to stifle my outrage. Such lies this foreign-based company is promoting by saying this project is creating jobs for Mainers. Just its presence will harm the regional tourism industry resulting in loss of established jobs. The ads overlook the countless jobs in the biomass industry and related forest products industries put in jeopardy by the Corridor. Continue reading